Friday, November 4, 2016

The Marquis has Arrived...

Hi all,

Long time no see!

Thanks for stopping by!  I actually have a painted figure to share with you today!

My painting Mojo has been at a low ebb for the last three months...but the prospects of some 3rd ed gaming in my near future have motivated me to actually get something done!

For the upcoming gaming I hope to run my Bretonnian army again...and it has been lacking in mounted the focus of my painting efforts was to complete the General for my force...the Marquis de Saud-or! 

...Also known as Sir Great Helm...:)

As you can see I have decided to use the 5th ed Grail Knight Champion as my general.  I find most of the Grail knight figures from this release to be a bit over the top...but I think this figure works great when elevated to Nobility.  To add a bit of interest I decided to mount him on the horse from the Green Knight.  This mount features much more elaborate barding and a rearing pose than the regular knights and that will help the Marquis stand out from the riff-raff.

I'm embarrassed to say that I picked the components to complete this figure as far back as 2012!!!  So it has only taken me 4 years to get this 

Below are a series of WIP shots if you are interested to see how tings progressed.

Purple has always been one of my least favorite colors to paint...but I'm feeling pleased with the way it has turned out on this figure. 

I'll be working up some photos with him and his troops when I get a chance.

It is also time for me to write up the fluff for this army which I have had rolling around in my head for quite a while. 

...these will be the subjects of future blog posts....



Monday, October 10, 2016

Olhammer in the New World 2016

Howdy all,

Sorry for the long delay between fall has been enormously busy with Real Life and, frankly, my painting mojo has been at a low ebb for the last 6-8 weeks.  That said I have been accomplishing a fair amount of other hobby related tasks...mostly getting movement trays for most of my troops and magnetizing bases.  But that is the subject of another post for another time...The big news since my last post is that at the beginning of October we had an amazing weekend of Oldschool gaming at Oldhammer in the New World event.

This year the event was held at Huzzah Hobbies is Ashburn, Virginia and we had gaming spread over three days.  We had about 20 attendees and played a whole host of quality Old school gaming.  While I didnt take enough photos of any one game to pull together a true battle report...I did take enough pictures of the entire event to give you a flavor of the doings.

The first gaming to take place was a quick game of Donnybrook between my Bretonnians and Airborne Grove's Classic Chaos force.

This was followed by a free wheeling Rogue Trader game with all the early arrival involved...the climax of this fight (for me) was the engagement of my Renegade Squad by Ben's Eldar Harlequins.

Gaming on Friday continued until 10om when the shop closed but picked right back up again the following morning...and i immediately got stuck into a truly epic game of Space Hulk put on my Kronos and his pal Buford.

Once my Squad of Termies was finally reprocessed into new Genetic material for the growing Genestealer threat I moved onto a game of WFB against Rusty and his Orcs.  Now Rusty and I have been trying to pull off this game for the last three years...and we finally managed it this year.  This was a 2500 pt battle between the Greenskin horde and my Dwarf army.  We settled into what we expected to be a game that would last all afternoon...but that was not the case.  Rusty's army contained a giant who quickly shattered my line and caused my general (!!!!) to rout off the table...the game rapidly went down hill from was quite embarrassing...

...but a lot of fun

After this humiliating defeat I resigned the rest of my day to simply observing the rest of the great gaming that was going on around is a selection of photos...

All in all it was a wonderful always it is great to catch up with the Core OHNW crew and to meet plenty of new faces.  The staff of Huzzah Hobbies was tremendously helpful and the hard work of Andrew in organizing thing really paid off in a great event.

Here is looking forward to the next one!



Friday, July 29, 2016

Kickstarter Alert!!! 4A Miniatures produces Female Chaos Dwarfs...

Hi all,

Just a quick post today to alert you to an excellent Kickstarter campaign my my good friend Andrew Coleman of Four A Miniatures. 

Link to Campaign:

Andrew has teamed up with John Pickford to create a number of female chaos dwarf sculpts...something sorely lacking from current figure ranges.  John really outdid himself with these sculpts and I'm sure the figures will be fantastic.

The kickstarter has also allowed Andrew to include some of the other excellent figures from his ranges including female barbarians and those wonderful Chaos Dwarf Beastmen (also sculpted by John P.)

This campaign has a very reasonable price point and offers some truly exceptional and unique figures that will look great on your table top.  Please join me in supporting this can't deal with a nicer guy than Andrew and keeping small manufactures of excellent figures like this is a laudable goal in itself...particularly when they are producing figures of this quality.

Here is the Link again...go pledge!! :

Cheers for now,


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Chaos Renegade #13....this one goes to 11!!!

Hi all,

After my last...less that exciting... Renegade I really felt the need to pick one of my absolute favorite Renegades and turn the color levels WAY UP.  So I did...

Renegade 13 is one of the most Renegade-y of all the Renegades...truly alien and perhaps a little bit insectoid in nature this figure really displays how subtly twisted Renegades can be.  The other reason for this color choice was that my pal Iannick from Quebec challenged me to take on a pink renegade and after consulting with my daughter...she agreed that this would be the figure that pink would be most suitable for.

So here is a pic of the second Squad to date...individual pics are below.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Chaos Renegade #12

Hi all,

Here is the latest Renegade for Squad 2.  I started off full of enthusiasm for this figure...but it quickly waned.  Compared to the other Renegades I found it to be less than inspiring.  So...I'm glad it is done so I can move onto one that I like more.  The one really peculiar feature of this Renegade is that he is wearing a Fur vest...Perhaps a Wookie Renegade?  I did prefer painting the more modern backpack...much easier than the crappy plastic RT ones. he is.




Saturday, July 23, 2016

Chaos Renegades....Squad 1 Action shots

Hi all,

I've finally found the time to finish post-processing some of the Action shots that I took of my first squad of Chaos Renegades.  I really enjoy doing these little photo shoots...they really capture the feel of a game in action.

Once again I have fallen back on my Battle Systems Sci-Fi Terrain and pitted the Renegades against a couple of squads of rampaging Orks.

Here is an overview of the set up...

Monday, July 11, 2016

Chaos Renegade knew I couldn't stop...

Hi all,

I'm back with another Renegade for you...I guess this is the first one for the second squad.  I had thought to take a break after completing the last squad...but when inspiration struck I just had to paint another!

So here is the first heavy weapon trooper for Renegade Squad #2...this time armed with a Heavy Bolter...and looking totally Bad ass doing so.

When I showed a WIP photo of this guy with Captain Crooks he reminded me that the color scheme closely resembled the national colors of Australia...So...Though it was inadvertent I would like to dedicate this one to my many good Oldhammer friends from down under...this includes the aforementioned Captain Crooks, G2, Delaney King, Glenn, and Fanai to name just a few.  For a country on the opposite of the globe from me, Australia sure has produced a lot of great Oldhammer friends.  :)

Cheers for now...Number 12 is already underway!