Friday, January 13, 2017

2016 Year in Review...


I'm a bit late with this post but here goes....this is my attempt to summarize my hobby efforts for the past year and to look forward to what I hope to accomplish for 2017.

As with my previous review I'll address things in 3 broad categories:
  • Gaming
  • Painting
  • 2017 goals
2016 was a great year for gaming in Blue's world...I played more games this year than I have in a very long time.  This included a bi-weekly gaming session with my local gaming partner during which we explored Space Hulk, Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant, and Rogue trader games.  I also played a fantastic game of RT with some of my other local gaming friends early in the year.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Chaos Renegade #17

Hi all,

I still have to pull together my end of the year review for 2016...but this guy was done before New Years so he should really be posted up before my summary is here he is.

Once again this is quite a unique Renegade model...this one a Kev Adams sculpt (the knee pad faces are a dead give away) once again he was a joy to paint and I chose to use one of my new favorite colors, a rich burnt orange.

Here he is with the rest of squad...Individual shots are below.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pike Dwarfs...Unit building

Well...after enjoying painting that MM15 Dwarf with the Pike for the Paint it Forward event...I've felt the strong urge to build and complete my Dwarf pike blocks.

The Marauder Pike Dwarfs were, and are, some of my all time favorite figures from the Golden Era.  They are the figures that hooked me as a child and continue to do so today.  Though they have been long discarded by modern Warhammer Bullshit fluff they will always hold a holy place in my Oldhammer dwarf army.

After completing the MM15 I pulled out my current pike unit...a 15 strong force that is mostly sporting paint jobs dating to the Regan administration.  To these I added another 13 unpainted pike dwarfs and this is the resulting unit.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Chaos Renegade #16 we are again.

The renegade painting is coming easy right now so I'm continuing to ride that wave while it lasts.

#16 is another classic Sculpt...This guy comes from the non-denominational portion of the Renegade range.  In the catalog he is known as One Eye

Really a fantastic Sculpt...the leering skull like head with the down turned horns is very effective and suitably creepy.  My thoughts for color schemes went all over the place with figure...and in the end landed in the weirdest place I could have imagined! 

My thought was to employ some of the subtle colors I've used on some of my Bretonnian figures...but the highlighting got away from me and the colors transitioned into something different...but some how more compelling.

Here he is...

I hadn't really planned on a second Pink Renegade at this point...but I think the tone of this one is so different from the more "bubblegum" color of Renegade #13 that they may still be able to remain in the same squad.

Anyway...Cheers for now...


Paint it Forward...Dwarf Pikeman

Hi all,

Recently there has been a initiative on the forums and Facebook groups that some are calling "Paint it Forward".  The idea is that you offer up a nice model for someone else to ship it to whomever accepts your offer...and they are obligated to paint that figure and offer another figure to a different painter...who would then paint that figure and offer another up for get the idea.

When Bill from the wilds of western New York offered up one of my absolute favorite Marauder Dwarfs as his Paint it Forward figure...I couldn't resist and jumped at the chance to paint this fantastic figure.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Halfman test model...

Hi all,

Here is something a little different from the renegades I've been bombarding you with.  Late in the fall the folks from Westfalia Miniatures announced on their FB page that they would be selling some limited number of seconds from their recent Halfman Kickstarter castings.  This was a very successful KS that I watched closely and was sorely tempted to jump in on...but held off for a number of reasons.  But when the seconds were offered, and at a very tempting price, I took a shot and ordered a batch to mess around with.

Though the castings are in Resin...and as you know I'm a die hard Metal figure fan...I really like the sculpting on these characterful figures and there is no denying the crisp casting detail they were able to achieve in Resin.  The figures are gorgeous and full of character...a true testament to the sculpting ability of Michael Anderson.  The other thing that attracted me to them was their obvious similarities in design to my existing Bretonnian Army.  These Halflings are outfitted in a late medieval style that would fit perfectly with the Marquis' Army.

In the packet of random seconds that I received there were a number of different troop types...spearmen, halberdmen, swordsmen, a few archers and a couple of handgunners...there are even a couple of the amazing Goat Mounted Halfling Knights included.  I should have enough to pull together a mixed unit of close combat troops...and with minimal addition a unit of shooty types...these will be a fun addition to my Bretonnian army.

Once they arrived I did some quick clean up (so easy with Resin!!), patched few gaps (they are seconds afterall) and immediately set about painting one of the handgunners as a test model.

Here is how he turned out:

This was a very enjoyable model to paint...and I look forward to polishing off a few more in the future.

...If these had been produced in metal...I would certainly have purchased a whole army of these seconds have been a fun way to mess around with a few of these great figures with adding tremendously to the lead pile.



Sunday, December 11, 2016

Chaos Renegade #15 ...Tanglefoot

Hi all,

I'm back with yet another Renegade.  While I had intended #14 to be a filler piece while I readied a unit of dwarfs for priming and painting ...I couldn't help to squeeze in one more of these the prep work on the dwarfs is taking longer than expected...

As I've mentioned before I have about a dozen Renegades primed and ready to go on my desk so my habit has been to pick them up randomly...decide on one that strikes my fancy at that moment and get to work on it.  This time the figure that stood out to me was one of the Nurgle the 1991 Blue Catalog he is called "Tentacle Arm Skull Head" NICE!  This guy has got it going on!